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  1. IlluminatyKL

    The Papadizi Show …
    The Papadizi Show is great.
    well done for getting t.v. show on Yes.

  2. oraz23

    dear papadizi
    next …

    dear papadizi
    next time throw a “Mei Eden” bottle, it will have more chance reaching your goal than the “Neviot” bottle

    I would be happy to suggest you my American sister. she is just 3 years old but she is growing very fast!!!

  3. mariakeharis

    Former Yugoslav …
    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is really landlocked. But the REAL Macedonia is a region of Greece and is not landlocked. The “Macedonia” you are referring to is Bardarska Banovina. So Papadizi is right…

  4. galz81

    Menashe, you are …
    Menashe, you are brilliant. remind’s me of a great sketch show in the 90’s i loved.

  5. ilansh

    ??? ?????, ??? …
    ??? ?????, ??? ????? ????, ??? ??????.
    ???? ????? ??????? ??? ????? ???????

  6. DrHalfbaked

    Mister Papadizi, I …
    Mister Papadizi, I think you should know Macedonia is a landlocked country! It has no beach! So maybe you put your bottle in the lake and some Albanian woman get it! Beware of Albanian woman! Poor Mister Papadizi..

  7. avi232

    papadizi what about …
    papadizi what about the big fish,we should think about eqologic safty the pigeon is better and faster and much much more acuerate for the address,briliant. Bugrachov St,tel-aviv.

  8. iheartslug

    Lovely to see you …
    Lovely to see you again, Mr. Papadizi. I will throw a bottle in the ocean for you. I hope you send one back.

  9. UtubiaPresident

    Papadizi will make …
    Papadizi will make a hit feature movie. You will see! I believe it.

  10. 1938superman

    Deja vu again. …
    Deja vu again. Seems like we’ve been here before. lol. still love it though. :-)

  11. brendafohio

    I put a bottle 4 u …
    I put a bottle 4 u in the Ohio river….that was months ago. I thought it would have made it to the ocean by now. Ah well.

  12. UtubiaPresident

    Amazing video! …
    Amazing video! Great to see it again.
    How are you my friend in the internet village? I will see you soon, I hope.

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