Seo Taiji?Human Dream? MV

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Seotaiji 8th Atomos Part Moai Release Date: July 2008 —– [MV] ’07 ?? ??? (Remix) by Seo Taiji

Duration : 0:6:21

[youtube d8bQcnTBWkI]

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  1. darkcirclehobo

    A couple used …
    A couple used science to predict what their child would look like, and made a robotic copy of it. Then, when the real child was born, he was abandoned… after that, the story will be continued.

  2. ladoremimania

    hum sorry but …
    hum sorry but someone know the name of the actor who play the little boy ?

  3. xsuhaBan

    Not really. This is …
    Not really. This is a music video, NOT a movie.

    All the items shown, the appearance of the personal computers and how the robot was made conventionally at home is not in any of American movies.

  4. sovlfrja

    he copied from mv …
    he copied from mv from American movie, can’t he think of something new?

  5. waywardjuice

    women who don’t …
    women who don’t want to go through carriage don’t have the right to have children

  6. memoriesxc

    youtube should …
    youtube should really allow people to delete comments they made for whatever reason (spelling, misunderstandings, stupid friends, etc)

  7. Turkeyslam

    Yeah it is. Seo …
    Yeah it is. Seo Taiji does pretty much every genre imaginable, however some of his more recent work focused on harder rock. His new songs are pretty different.

  8. honeybucket93

    haha yeah. i didn’t …
    haha yeah. i didn’t know you meant the movie until thinking back. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)_

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