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  1. ryusm92

    You can download …
    You can download pretty much every single album of his at websites like asianload or aznsource…

  2. askdesign

    It’s about the …
    It’s about the messed up music buisness in general. He also mentions Las Vegas in the song, so it’s not just limited to Korea.

  3. ihaXsakito

    hmm I’m not sure …
    hmm I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure this song is about the very censored media that is in Korean, correct me if I’m wrong tough, I don’t know any Korean

  4. GYXkid

    i like in this …
    i like in this video when he first gets stabbed and is like “…” and it plays a riff from ????
    they do that in the live version too

  5. GIOMcH

    WOw not only the …
    WOw not only the song is awsome, also the video has a great meaning
    I love it when he’s hurt by the ones in black (judges) as they don’t need him anymore and want to get off of him, but the y don’t really know that have created a huge destrution machine that can destroy everyone,and all of them are easily destroyed xD

  6. GIOMcH

    Fucked up music …
    ed up music business!!!!!!!
    seo taiji at his best
    Greetings from your Peruavian fan.

  7. imSmokinFool

    i like this song …
    i like this song even though i don’t understand what they are saying

  8. GYXkid

    awesome song, …
    awesome song, awesome video
    i love when the 2nd chorus begins and all the scissor things start flying at the guy, the music’s mood seems so opposite to it but yet so fitting at the same time

  9. SoulZero

    yeh I do, just drop …
    yeh I do, just drop me a message with your email and I can send it 2ya.

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