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  1. thecatwith2heads

    I got all his …
    I got all his albums (and saw him play with Korn) when I lived in Korea. you could always try that.

  2. sukwonee

    Try buying the …
    Try buying the album, if you can still find a copy. It’s definitely worth your money.

  3. amindbody

    You can try myspace …
    You can try myspace music and some of his fans may have have this song available if you haven’t found it already since it’s been 2 months.

  4. prankster1c

    Where can I get …
    Where can I get this song? Ive tried limewire but no luck there. Can anyone email me the mp3. Message me first if you can, thanks so much. Ive been wanting to get this song.

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