New Years Issue Yada Yada Newsletter Jan 6, 2010

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New Years Issue! Entering a New Decade


Blast from the past.  This is a clip of Nile Rodgers on Tech TV talking
about PCDJ.  PCDJ is DJ Software and I founded that company back in
1999. Who is Nile?  Well he’s one of the most prolific producers of
all time–Madonna, David Bowie, Diana Ross–not to mention his own band
Chic.  He’s a good friend and this clip brings back some wonderful

Shameless self promotion:

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We’re pleased to announce we have passed the Microsoft certification

facebook.pngThe last year in social media. Click Here to read the story.


Please don’t get drunk, drive and the tweet about it like Bow Wow did.  Here’s a link to the article.

Featured Article

Steve Blom, our Googe expert wrote an article for e-commerce merchants
who are looking to increase their revenue. Click Here to read it.

How expert is he?  Well, two of our retail clients had an increase of sales during the holidays over 2008 by a factor of 100%.  Not too
shabby in a struggling economy!

Now I’m not a huge pizza delivery advocate.  I’m from New York and
frankly there is no pizza that I’ve had that has been delivered that has ever come close to a slice you can pick up at a corner pizzeria in Manhattan.  Click here to see the video.

That said, Dominoes had a 6% drop in sales and did this brilliant social media campaign to address their shortfalls.  No way of knowing if it worked until they report their numbers, but I for one find it refreshing that a company would ask consumers for feedback and embrace it.

Scary but true:

People of Walmart.  This site is dedicated to pictures of people found at Walmart, Walmart employees and all things tacky from a Walmart perspective.  I’ve always thought that Walmart is an interesting place.  Where else can you buy food, clothing, ammunition for the guns, a boat AND a plastic Jesus under one roof?


My favorite smart phone ap–it’s free and it does all sorts of cool things like have personal greetings to your contact list.  I’m loving it. Check it out by clicking here.

It’s a new year.  A new decade.  It’s easy to look back and get angry at things that weren’t great.  Let’s face it–the economy has had problems, credit card companies are overcharging and and to boot,
energy prices are up despite the fact that the price of oil is down. Let’s not look back with anger or regret.

Let’s look ahead to a bright future that is yours and mine.  Let’s take an inventory of what we have–I don’t mean earthly possessions, I mean what is really important–our friends, our family, our health and our abilities.  Each and every one of us has talents and if we use them to our fullest, next year you’ll take a new inventory and you will
see that you became richer.  Every time you learn something, help others and strive to be your best you are progressing toward greatness.

Let’s make it the best year ever!  OK?

Google Sued for Hosting Insulting Blog Posts

This is actually quite interesting.  The National Association of Professional Women are suing Google for hosting offending blog posts that they consider libelous.

It’s unlikely to prevail as the law is on Googles side, but it does bring out an important point of what do you do when someone anonymously says
something negative.  You can read the full article about it here.

Online spending up 4% hits 29.1% Billion

Click here to read article.  Our clients were up much more than that–but this is a good indicator that things are getting better!

Local Search Engine Gold Rush-How does it pertain to you?

Per Search Engine Watch:

To YOU as a brick-n-mortar retail provider of consumer goods and services…

If your business is one that sells  anything
to a local market, then this is your GOLDEN opportunity to gain traction on your competitor(s). Because this evolutionary tech revolution is going about largely dismissed and unbelievably unnoticed by most local businesses, your chance to gain a leg up is NOW!

In other words, if your business is one that traditionally has relied on Yellow Pages advertising as liaison between you and new customers, then YOU had better become a gold miner now.

You have just enough time to…

  1. Get listed in all of the relevant directories
  2. Claim & verify your listings,
  3. Get your customer reviews in order,
  4. And secure your positioning on Google Maps…

…before the advent of the new rules, regulations, and entry fees that are sure to follow as the ‘claim jumpers’ start moving in to displace the fat, dumb, and happy (i.e.,
and ignorant) business proprietors who haven’t yet made efforts to protect their otherwise established and smoothly operating enterprises.

Bear in mind this is also a golden opportunity for your competitor to gain ground or, worse yet, leave you in the dust! …unless you sit up,
and take action now! And, even if you haven’t the time to personally do your own Local Search SEO, you’ll most certainly have the smarts to select the right professional(s)to do the job!

By the way, we can help you with this!  Call or reply to this e-mail
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Laura Betterly and Yada Yada Marketing are an upcoming and energetic force
in the online scene and I am happy to have them on my team. They are fresh,
innovative and up on the newest trends and developments in Internet marketing.
I highly recommend adding the Yada Yada touch!  DS

I would highly recommend Yada Yada and suggest that they are among the top 1% of Internet Advertising Specialists in the world, of not the best.

They are certainly the best I know and I would refer any client to them for assistance.  I know I can always count on them to provide accurate and usable information to help me with my business, and have observed the same with every client of theirs I have spoken with. GK

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