No Copy And Paste for Windows Phone 7 Devices

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Talk about not learning from others’ mistakes. Apple has been bashed for months due to lack of copy and paste on its iPhone – never mind if you actually use clipboard or not (I bet most people don’t), it’s a smartphone, and not having this functionality makes the phone seem a lot less smart.

Users gave Apple no rest until it finally included the functionality, and it seems like Microsoft will have to go through the same ordeal on its Windows Phone 7 devices, as Engadget discovered they won’t have copy and paste, either.

Even worse, Microsoft claims that most users don’t really need clipboard functionality. Yes, it might even be true, but the power users are louder than the rest, and they’ll definitely see lack of this functionality as a huge minus.

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  1. MOTORAZER V3 cellphone…How do I download music from my home computer. I have the USB cable and?
    have installed it. My computer recognizes it but I can not figure out how to access the phone in order to download the music I want???? I thought it would show up in "My Computer" and I could just copy and paste to the device, but it does not show up. Anyone with technical advice will be appreciated. I am using Windows XP.

  2. The V3 RAZR installs as a modem when connected through the USB cable. If you had Motorola Phone Tools you would be able to use that program to access the files inside the phone. If you have a MiniSD card it would be easier to get an adapter for the card rather than try to get the software. Another alternative is to get a Bluetooth adapter that will allow you to connect your phone to the computer through bluetooth and push the files back and forth that way. Either way…you will not be able to accomplish this task without some additional stuff…may it be software or hardware.
    References :
    Tried Several V3 RAZR phones in multiple configurations…found it difficult at best to move files…Bluetooth was the easiest way for me as I already had the adapter.

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