Next-Gen iPhone Defeats Droid Incredible in Reader Poll

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The next generation of smartphones are going to be on the market ver soon, but two will clearly dominate the discussion: the Android-based Droid Incredible by HTC and the 4th generation iPhone, whose pics have leaked out all across the web.

We asked you, the readers, to choose between the next-gen iPhone and the Droid Incredible for our weekly Web Faceoff series, where we pit two tech or web products against each other for your vote.

In previous match-ups, Android has trounced the iPhone. However, in this week’s poll…

…the next-gen iPhone came out on top. In one of our most popular polls ever, the next-gen iPhone won 51% of the vote — 9765 of them, to be exact. The Droid Incredible was able to amass 42% of the ballots (8175 votes). 7% of you (1318 votes) thought it was a tie.

Which web apps will face off next week? Tune in next Monday to find out!

Which device do you want more: Droid Incredible or iPhone 4G?online surveys

Faceoff Series: Overall Results

Week 1:

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome

– WINNER: Firefox, 4600 votes (Chrome: 3310 votes, Tie: 911 votes)

Week 2:

Tumblr vs. Posterous

– WINNER: Tumblr, 1809 votes (Posterous: 1496 votes, Tie: 256 votes)

Week 3:

Pandora vs.

– WINNER:, 1187 votes (Pandora: 1156 votes, Tie: 122 votes)

Week 4:

Twitter vs. Facebook

– WINNER: Facebook, 2484 votes (Twitter: 2061 votes, Tie: 588 votes)

Week 5:

WordPress vs. Typepad

– WINNER: WordPress, 2714 votes (Typepad: 267 votes, Tie: 357 votes)

Week 6:

Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard

– WINNER: Windows 7, 3632 votes (Snow Leopard: 3278 votes, Tie: 121 votes)

Week 7:

TweetDeck vs. Seesmic Desktop

– WINNER: TweetDeck, 3294 votes (Seesmic Desktop: 1055 votes, Tie: 260 votes)

Week 8:

Microsoft Office vs. Google Docs

– WINNER: Microsoft Office, 1365 votes (Google Docs: 994 votes, Tie: 315 votes)

Week 9:

Apple iPhone vs. Google Android

– WINNER: Google Android, 3323 votes (Apple iPhone: 1494 votes, Tie: 228 votes)

Week 10:

AT&T vs. Verizon

– WINNER: Verizon, 1161 votes (AT&T: 538 votes, Tie: 118 votes)

Week 11:

Google vs. Bing

– WINNER: Google, 2180 votes (Bing: 519 votes, Tie: 97 votes)

Week 12:

iPod Touch/iPhone vs. Nintendo DS vs. Sony PSP

– WINNER: iPod Touch/iPhone, 704 votes (Sony PSP: 639 votes, Nintendo DS: 482 votes, Tie: 108 votes)

Week 13:

Digg vs. Reddit vs. StumbleUpon

– WINNER: Digg, 14,762 votes (Reddit: 11,466 votes, StumbleUpon: 2507 votes, Tie: 1032 votes)

Week 14:

Old versus new Twitter retweets

– WINNER: Old style retweets, 1625 votes (New style retweets: 699 votes, Tie: 227 votes)

Week 15:

Gmail vs. Outlook

– WINNER: Gmail, 3684 votes (Outlook: 980 votes, Tie: 590 votes)

Week 16:

Boxee vs. Hulu

– WINNER: Hulu, 626 votes (Boxee: 591 votes, Tie: 106 votes)

Week 17:

Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS

– WINNER: Nexus One, 6743 votes (iPhone 3GS: 2818 votes, Tie: 592 votes)

Week 18:

Foursquare vs. Yelp vs. Gowalla

– WINNER: Foursquare, 1182 votes, (Yelp: 661 votes, Gowalla: 509 votes, Tie: 143 votes)

Week 19:

AIM vs. GTalk vs. FbChat

– WINNER: GTalk, 2189 votes, (AIM: 1257 votes, FbChat: 511 votes, Tie: 203 votes)

Week 20:

Music Ownership vs. Music Subscription

– WINNER: Ownership, 533 votes (Subscription: 299 votes, Tie: 237)

Week 21: vs. PlentyofFish

– WINNER: Plenty of Fish, 430 votes ( 334 votes, Tie: 187 votes)

Week 21:

Google Buzz vs. Facebook Vs. Twitter

– WINNER: Facebook, 3353 votes (Twitter: 1828 votes, Google Buzz: 1298 votes, Tie: 651 votes)

Week 22:

HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash

– WINNER: HTML5, 3892 votes (Adobe Flash: 1779 votes, Tie: 660 votes)

Week 23:

Project Natal vs. PlayStation Move

– WINNER: Project Natal, 1268 votes (PlayStation Move: 668 votes, None: I don’t like motion controllers: 170 votes, None: I prefer the Wii: 150 votes)

Week 24:

Chatroulette vs. Hot or Not

– WINNER: Chatroulette, 742 votes (Hot or Not: 281 votes, Tie: 99 votes)

Week 25:

iPad vs. Netbooks

– WINNER: iPad, 3098 votes (Netbook: 1969 votes, Tie: 605 votes)

Week 26:

– Amazon Kindle vs. Apple iBooks

– WINNER: Apple iBooks, 1227 votes (Amazon Kindle: 928 votes, Tie: 118 votes, Neither: 276 votes)

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