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  1. Homework Help? Since when, why, and who. Check it out.?
    Okay, so over the past few times I’ve been on here I’ve seen hundreds of kids getting online and asking questions about their homework. Although they aren’t asking questions about their homework. They are leaving their homework problem and other people are solving it for them. My question is #1 Why are they allowed to do this? I understand they need help. Then get HELP, not answers. They will never learn if the answers are always supplied. And what are they going to do when they have a test? Whip out their cell phone mid-class and get online to Yahoo Answers? Why not? They get the right one? Question #2 What kind of respectable adult teaches and advocates a child cheating on learning things that are so crucial. These are all things children need to learn in order to live their lives correctly. If they never learn math because someone on here taught them, and then they are responsible of your bank, and all your money is gone. You’d be pretty pissed at yourself right? What about if the kid becomes a dr. and your life is in their hands. They’ve been getting answers off of Y/A so hold on that breathing tube 10 minutes while they go find out HOW TO SAVE YOUR LIFE.

    I apologize for being so irate, but seriously this is getting ridiculous. We need to draw the line somewhere. Children are all over the internet doing whatever they please, having sex and having babies wherever they please (in the mean time ruining our economy even more because they get free money. they can’t work, but they can have a kid.) The line must be drawn. These children are the future of our tomorrow. DON’T YOU WANT THEM TO BE INTELLIGENT?

    Please let me know your thoughts on this, and what you think should be done. If you are in highschool, and are one of the kids posting homework help questions in the correct way, good for you, and it will pay off. If you are one of the kids asking for your homework to be completed on here, you are going to go nowhere. Please don’t even justify my thoughts and opinions by trying to stand up for what your doing in your response. It is lazy, and inexcusable. Quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

    Everyone in this world has put their hard work in. I hope the next generation doesn’t think they are getting off scott-free. Life isn’t like that, and it hasn’t even begun. So you should learn how to deal with the little minute problems now (such as homework) because you’ll have much bigger ones later, ones that people on Yahoo answers won’t be able to come to your rescue for.
    my problem doesn’t lie with the right or wrong answer. it’s that these kids don’t have to put in any work, or learn basic skills in which you need to live because they don’t have to, the adults here will do it for them, and it’s a damn shame. they shouldn’t be getting solutions at all. tell them the formula, or try to explain the process, but the answer should NEVER be provided.

  2. It is rediculous. I also hate how the person who trys to help them get to the answer doesnt get the best answer over the person who just flat out said the solution.
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