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In the inaugural YouTube Ad of the Year awards, Sussex Safer Roads’ ‘Embrace Life’ took top honours.  The spot beat out other strong contenders including Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ and ‘O2 Gorillaz’ by VCCP. As part of winning the award, it received the prize of a YouTube homepage takeover worth […]

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  1. Why do YouTube found in the year 2005?
    I knew I was read on YouTube it was found on February 2005 and I noticed before I saw that on YouTube’s channel profile I noticed the join of date was December 31, 1969? I was a little confuse how did YouTube take in 1969 but I thought YouTube was found in year 2005? Please let me know which is right year YouTube in 2005 or 1969?

  2. The internet didn’t exist, let alone personal computers, in 1969! Time to study harder in school!
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