Google Analytics, Meet Webmaster Tools

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Google continues to provide amazing ways in which search marketing professionals can improve their campaign efforts. The latest is this week’s announcement that webmasters using Google Analytics to track site data can link verified sites in Webmaster Tools when using the same Google account. What does this mean to you?

Perhaps the most…

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  1. What Questions Should You Be Prepared To Answer When Meeting With An SEO Firm?
    A friend of mine is about to sit down with a new SEO company. What questions should he be prepared to answer? I told him to be prepared to answer the following questions in case they ask.
    1. What 6 specific keywords are you trying to rank for?
    2. What keyword string are you trying to rank for? example: Website Design, Content Management Systems
    3. How many years was your domain purchased for? How long have you owned it?
    4. Is your website hosted on a linux or windows server?
    5. Are you familiar with backlinks? Do you know how to build backlinks?
    6. Do you have a Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, or Bing Webmaster Center account?
    7. Do you have analytics to track visitors?
    8. Does your current site have a sitemap.xml or robots.txt?
    9. Is your business listed on Yelp?
    10. Do you have any PPC or Adword accounts live sending traffic to your website?

  2. A good SEO firm won’t need to ask many of the questions that you listed. They’ll run a quick audit of the site before they ever even talk to your friend.

    For example:
    1. They can ask if there are keywords that they are trying to rank for, but a good SEO firm will do the keyword research, not expect your friend to do it. Keyword research is the SEO’s job, not the client’s.
    2. See number 1.
    3. 5 seconds on will answer this question.
    4. Could be relevant, but definitely not a huge concern from an SEO standpoint.
    5. A good SEO firm will explain any lingo they use.
    6. Good question.
    7. Good question.
    8. It takes 5 seconds for an SEO firm to check this manually. The existence of these files is not enough. The contents of these files needs to be verified.
    9. It’s good to be listed on Yelp, but that’s just one of many sites that should be linking back to the client’s site. A good SEO firm should have tools that check backlinks for them. They shouldn’t have to rely on a client’s answer.
    10. Good to know, but not necessary to perform SEO.

    If an SEO firm asks your friend any questions that he doesn’t know the answer to, then they should be able to explain in simple terms what they are looking for, and help him find the answers.
    References :
    Experience working with both good and bad SEO firms.
    Years of experience managing websites.

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