(Branding Yourself) = True Marketing Success

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http://www.kandaconsultancy.com (Branding Yourself) = True Success Hey people, Kane Duncan & Aman Tensue here. Both of us are two young entrepreneurs that have grown in the Internet marketing field. We mentor people from all across the world as well as having other business interests. Feel free to contact us Kane Duncan +447971838415 Aman Tensue +447940257757 Garr Reynolds/on (branding yourself) If …

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The Bigness of Smallness

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… a video presentation from johnmoore of the BRAND AUTOPSY MARKETING PRACTICE *********************************** When “small businesses” dream, they usually dream of becoming a bigger business. When you think about it, nearly every big business began as a small business. However, a bigger business doesn’t always equate to being a better business. At some point, big becomes bad. Big becomes a …

adminThe Bigness of Smallness