Google and Facebook Join ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign

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Update: LinkedIn did a similar video too. Kudos. Catch it below. It Gets Better is a project aimed to help LGBT youths to overcome bullying and find happiness. Often, closed-minded guardians wouldn’t allow LGBT adults to talk to their children. So, to communicate with LGBT youths that life does get better, this project uses videos to [...] Related posts: Top …

adminGoogle and Facebook Join ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign

The Web Makes the World Happier [STUDY]

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New research from UK research firm BCS suggests that, on average, people around the world think that information technology (i.e. Internet access) increases their sense of freedom by 15% and improves their overall well-being. Altogether, our life satisfaction increases by 10% when we have IT access, the study concludes. BCS’s study set out to better understand the relationship between IT …

adminThe Web Makes the World Happier [STUDY]