Blogs matter in the Start-up World

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We have discussed this multiple times. To build the next “silicon valley”, we need to have different components coming together: lawyers, accountants, risk takers, culture, tech infrastructure, mentors, and investors. Something is missing [...] Related posts: You and Meme: Why Memes matter In its original definition, a meme (pronounced meam; rhymes with… Blogs and Purchase Decisions [CHARTS] Print advertisements and …

adminBlogs matter in the Start-up World

Blogs and Purchase Decisions [CHARTS]

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Print advertisements and magazines used to be our main source of product information. But with the rise of the Internet, search engines and blogs have taken up the responsibilities. We can easily search and learn about a product within minutes. Product reviews are everywhere on the Internet and they are usually accompanied with users’ comments and [...] Related posts: The …

adminBlogs and Purchase Decisions [CHARTS]