Multi-Tasking Taiwanese Musician Goes Viral on YouTube

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While most of us can’t even master one musical instrument, Taiwanese Musician, Shara Lin mastered three – Piano, violin and Guzheng. In a video posted on YouTube, Lin performed a series of music […] Related posts: Docomo’s YouTube Ad Goes Viral Here’s a great commercial for DOCOMO’s Touch Wood phone, a… YouTube Viral Star Brings Bollywood Back to Indonesia The …

YouTube Attracts 8.4 Billion Streams In January

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 Online video usage in the U.S. is up significantly from the same time last year as time spent viewing video on a PC/Mac/laptops from home and work locations increased 45 percent, according to a new report from Nielsen. The number of unique online video viewers only increased by 3.1% from last January, but the level of activity was up as …

What do you do if your're going on TV in twelve hours and your website doesn't work?

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Sounds like an impossible situation, but that is exactly what happened last week.
Although I cannot tell you who this public figure is, I can tell you that we were contacted to finish their website, get it working so that people could view their video and fill out a form showing their support.

Waiting in Line for the iPad [VIDEO]

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Today, the mythical iPad finally saw the light of day (for common folk — dudes like Stephen Colbert and Letterman have had one for a while now), and being the dutiful journos that we are, we were there, camera in hand. We talked to folks who had been on line since Thursday, iPad revelers and people who were there to …

8 Great Spotify Hints, Tips and Tricks

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We’ve already brought you a how-to guide to get started with Spotify (read that first if you don’t know what it is), but now we’re delving a little deeper into the music streaming software with a look at some hints, tips and tricks that will help you get the most of the service. Have a read below to see eight …

Music Marketing is Not Billboard Marketing

YadaYadaAdmin Marketing 1 Comment – When you are marketing and promoting your live shows, your digital downloads, your mailing list, are you telling your fans what to do? Are you making sure that you stop them from what they are doing, and getting them to buy, sign up or act on what you are telling them? Duration : 3 min 37 sec

Wonder Girls and Seo Ji Young | Irony – Hey Boy | 07-03-11 | KBS2 Music Bank Special Stage | HQ Video Option

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On September 5, 2007, Good Entertainment, the talent agency for the popular boy band Shinhwa, sent their trainee Yoobin to JYP Enterainment as a replacement for Hyuna. She made her debut three days later in the group’s live performance of “Tell Me” on Music Bank .[5] Their first full-length album, The Wonder Years, was released the following week, on September …