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After paying nearly $2,000 for Google AdSense advertising, I found Attraction Marketing which is when you share your intent and purpose on social media web 2.0 sites and visitors get to know your head, heart and ideas so much so they feel like they’ve known you for years and they haven’t even met you.

It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words, so you can imagine that a video could communicate millions. Tony Robbins has said that 90% of our communcation is nonverbal.

‘My Story marketing’ on YouTube is in my experience the best way to get immediate website traffic to the site you are promoting. You can get hundreds of website hits in a matter of your first few hours if you know what you are doing.

I’ve made 6 YouTube videos of minor importance but have already gotten 1,000s of visitors to my site and sold tons of products all during the first two months of my training with:

Click on the link above and enjoy 4 hours of free video tutorials to get you started right. It is the same web 2.0 marketing system that I used to get started after buying 3 or 4 courses in social marketing, I found these secrets to be the best to develop tons of free massive traffic and get people calling you rather than you chasing people and irritating them.

Attract business rather than wearing yourself down and bugging your friends.
Avoid the arguements and tension that comes unavoidably as you prospect your warm market.

Be FREE of sizing up every single human being you get within 3 feet of as a possible suspect/prospect for your business opportunity.

Would you like to promote a charity, a new book, seminar or philosophy, then Attraction Marketing using the latest Web 2.0 social media marketing is the best way to spread awareness through the best viral marketing in the world.

Are you in the Reverse Funnel System with Frank Kern or are you doing Butterfly Marketing with Mike Filsaime, then you’ll do it better with free web traffic from My Story Marketing for free!

Many people involved with Ann Seig or Mike Dillard, Dennis Karganilla, DK, Franco Gonzales, Mike Klingler, Bardi Toto in Cash Gifting programs are using some form of Attraction Marketing. All of the top Abunza leaders use some variation of web 2.0 marketing through social media like YouTube, Hub Pages, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter marketing, Linkin, Plaxo, you name it the best are using this Internet Marketing technique.

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