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Craigslist founder Craig Newmark discusses problems with opening up civic discussion to the online public. He warns of “trolls” who “pick fights to get attention” and suggests ways to circumvent First Amendment issues ociated with moderating discussion forums hosted by the federal government.


Technology evangelists believe that Barack Obama has the potential to fundamentally alter communication between the presidency and the people.

Wikis in the White House? Online public comments on legislation? A real-time two-way conversation between citizens and their elected officials?

For better or worse, however, nothing is as easy as it might seem. Federal regulations, First Amendment issues, and just plain common sense are going to slow — and potentially stagnate — technological innovation in Washington.

Panelists discussed their hopes for a more transparent Obama administration and the challenges to a more open and participatory government – New America Foundation

Craig Newmark is an Internet entrepreneur best known for being the founder of the San Francisco-based website Craigslist.

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