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Do article submission also ply great role to increase ranks? And as a SEO what should be the priority among comment posting, directory submission, blog creation, and article submission. Please suggest hierarchy.

Article submission aids you in SEO but not to a massive degree.

What not to do:

Do not use automated software that submits your articles to 100's + sites, this will have a negative effect on your SEO and in if done to excess will get you penalized.

Here's what to do:

Choose only the top 10 article directories and only post your articles there. You can find a list of the best directories here:

But make sure you vary the anchor text of the link that points to your site.

Also, don't follow this is in a step by step fashion as it is not natural. Remember the search engines don't want webmasters to build links to their sites, they want it to happen naturally.

So, the natural thing to do is to build about 0-10 links per day to your site from different IP address and sources.

I would recommend the following to start a new site:

1. Directory Submissions (Only the top ones), etc..

2. Article Submissions

3. Forum Postings

4. Blog Comments (download the search status plugin as this will enable you to identify which are rel="nofollow" links as these are useless to you.

5. Social Media postings… ie. Squidoo, Hubpages, Quizilla,

6. Parasite Blogs…,, etc

7. Social Bookmarking,,,

If you get one link from each of these kind of sources every day for the next month you will have over 200 links that will easily get you a PR4 on the next update.

Then, you can go out and get other webmasters to link to you as you are now a trusted site.

Good luck…