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In this video, I get a question from Brian who asks a multitude of questions! Brian wants to know: “1) Do you think there are people interested in hearing about what tech is the best bang for your buck(and/or tech noews and reviews from a college student’s viewpoint)? (yes, I know it’s very subjective, but I value your opinion) 2) What software are you using to publish those awesome videos and how did you setup your podcast and RSS feeds? (not just for the blogs but for podcasts too, and a flowchart-esque diagram would be sweet here) 3) Any tips on developing a personal brand? Tips on marketing yourself and getting started in the blogo/twitter-sphere? (I want to do this and share my information and knowledge with people) 4) Where’s that donate link on your site and how did you get it? (and send me a direct link, I feel like I owe you a few bucks for answering my questions)” Wow! What a list of questions. For 1, I believe there is a need for this type of thing on the internet. Low cost alternatives are becoming more popular in this tough economy. For 2, I use Ubercaster, please check out my podcast tutorial that I posted recently. For RSS, I use Feeder for Mac, but you can also use the built in RSS for blogging engines such as WordPress (through a plugin called Podpress) For video, I use Visualhub combined with Quicktime Pro 7. I’ve done videos on my techniques here on For 3, be yourself, be consistent, and don’t give up 🙂 I really don’t have a formula for developing a personal brand. And for 4, visit for the many ways you can donate. Thanks for the questions Brian!

Duration : 0:7:53

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