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Here is my thoughts about Chris Pirillo’s Social Media Theme. This is a very advanced and capable theme that requires a ton of configurations in order to get it to work. If you need help getting it to work, I decided to make a tutorial last year towards helping Chris because he didn’t have time to provide support. He is a busy guy and I didn’t mind doing it….

Keep in mind, this is the current theme the Chris uses himself. He designed this theme for his own person use and freely gave out the source code for anyone to use. In my opinion, he should charge money per download. But Chris is and always will be an open-source guy. The theme is beautiful if you can get it configured.

My advice to you would be to choose something different and work hard on growing your blog and maybe in the near future it will grow large enough to where you would need a theme like his. At that point in time, I would then strongly recommend hiring a programmer to help you install and maintain it.

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