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I notice that people are mentioning that there are magazines specifically for adoptive parents, I was just wondering if there are magazines or anything out there that is strictly about and for adopted people.
Anyone know what is out there?

Dear Isabel,

Here's what I could find:
Adoption Quarterly (Not specifically for adoptees but claims "Get dependable, solid information from the only scholarly journal dedicated to the issues of adoption!")
The Bastard Quarterly from Bastard Nation
(I already knew about this one.)
AMFOR's The Open Record
(and this one.)
AKA Newsletter (Also Known As e-zine for Korean Adoptees)
Online Yahoo adoptee newsletter and group
(Free submission e-zine)
"Mei Magazine! Mei (May) means “beautiful” in Mandarin Chinese. This quarterly, glossy publication is a wholesome and age-appropriate magazine with a special emphasis on issues specific to Chinese adoptees ages 7 to 14."
(I will be back to check this one out. Interested to see what they cover.)
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Slim Pickin's…

Now I wonder if there are any just for first parents….