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I have a client He is having an eCommerce website actually there are many product are in his Website. I want to optimize that website. Those products I can not put on the home page. Product pages are dynamically created which will not cached by Google. How can I introduce to those products in Search Engine or how can user come to know?
Help me any idea suggestion are welcome.

Not a Big Deal.. Let me explain..

Create some web 2.0 Property Pages for all his targeted keywords as the url with some description included about the product and image of it and finally bookmarking them using tools like Bookmark Demon)shareware) or Social Marker.

Try to participate in Forums. Forums would really help you. Don't promote your business in the start. Post some constructive messages for all the crap in that forum and finally yours. It should be like 1:10 ratio. 10 shouldn't be related to your niche and 1 should be yours.

Try to post the ads in all Major Ad Portals like Craigs List. This would really helps. You can go by regional with Craigs List. If your client wants some regional traffic then do some research and search for local ad sites () you would find many ad sites for free. You can even bookmark the ad url which would drive people to it.

Finally make use of Google Base. Create an Ad with some description and bookmark the same..

Hope this help..


Bharath Reddy