I know what SEO optimisation is…..What I am asking is that what does the process actually involve and what do SEO optimisers undertake in order to achieve rankings? If I were to hire a SEO optimiser to optimise my site, what tasks would he undertake in order to get my site on the front page?

– Usually the optimizer will start by looking at your site and it's overall theme and your closest online competitors.

– After a deep analysis they will then begin keyword research, finding the keywords that will actually generate traffic to your site. After all what's a ranking if it's not going to generate traffic?

– From these findings they may make suggestions on site structure (adding new pages) that will have a positive impact on your overall site.

– They will then begin the process of optimizing each and every page of your site. They analyze your keywords making sure your keyword density is on track. They will optimize your title and meta tags according to the keyword findings above.

– They will optimize your images and even suggest new images to add. Some may suggest adding a self hosted video if applicable.

– They will build links (this can be a long process, depending on your niche). Not just offer to submit your site to a bunch of directories but actually build relevant links to your site.

Hope this helps.