My Joomla websites are and and i use joomla as a CMS and i can never get good seo! I have no page ranks! I would be willing to pay some money but the cheaper the better!

First off, how long has your site been up? Google only gives out page ranks twice a year and the next one should be around August.

the type of CMS you use has nothing to do with SEO its about the content of the site, its meta tags and backlinks just to name a few.

Looking at your site, you have no text content and your site so no search engine crawler will see anything of importance on your site. You site also only has a few pages. Google likes big websites.

Have you you even submitted your site to Google, MSN, Yahoo and all other major search engines? When you do that it should speed up the process.

Looking at our MEta tags you are not using them properly and your keywords are too broad. For example, your first keyword is "sprinkler". How many people do you know that are looking for a sprinkler system for their yard that will just do a search for sprinkler. You should at least add to your keyword yor location or the area that your company covers.

Main thing for you to do right now is add content to your website. If someone does find your website, how are they to use your service if you dont say anything about it on your homepage.

Hope this didnt sound too hard and it helped.