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  1. My?l?,?e ta …
    My?l?,?e ta prezentacja jest jasna dla wszystkich.
    Wiemy,?e “P”-pracownik,
    “S”-sektor samozatrudnienia,
    “B”-biznes(pojecie szersze),

  2. I really liked your …
    I really liked your channel and this video. If you need any help getting this video exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    This rox… Thank you very much.

  3. yup that’s true and …
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  4. Thanx for the video …
    Thanx for the video. Really Good Info. I wish more people could see the Power behind MLM. It would change their life. Granted, they have to be in the right Company.



  5. NO he doesn’t LOL. …
    NO he doesn’t LOL. This guy is full of it. He didn’t make his money by following his “Rich Dad”‘s rules he made by selling books TELLING others how to be “rich.”

    Listen to real expert on fincial success, John T Reed.

  6. Robert Kiyosaki is …
    Robert Kiyosaki is the Bruce Lee of becoming rich! He teaches the regular working man what it takes to be rich!! Good Video!!! Thank You!!!

  7. Great Info And …
    Great Info And Value
    Keep It Coming.

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    Joe LoBalsamo

  8. I really like your …
    I really like your message in your videos!! You’re very geniune and add alot of great value.
    Be sure to stop by my channel for your FREE Marketing Nugget !
    Kind Regards,
    M. Nila

  9. Greetings my friend …
    Greetings my friend, Wonderful work on the videos, you’re very genuine. I greatly APPRECIATE YOU 🙂 I also love to share my knowledge and pay it forward. Thanks for the great information.
    Kind Regards,
    M. Nila

  10. I’m involved in the …
    I’m involved in the type of the company which Robert Kyosaki metions in the video. We are currently expanding and are just starting to grow in nyc. It’s always better to be one of the first distributors of a product so that you have exponential income a few years from now. If anyone is interested do not hesitate to contact me.

  11. Ok Delparm, please …
    Ok Delparm, please explain to me what is your business Opportunity. Thanks

  12. Great video and I …
    Great video and I look forward to your next one. Hey if you get a chance, stop by my channel and check out what I have going on. Let me know when you have something up

  13. WOW… You’ve seen …
    WOW… You’ve seen the video, now this is the company that encompases all of the above..
    This company is growing crazy all over the world.. ‘You gotta be in it, to win it’. Hurry, go to amit . successuniversity. com / new

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  14. so amazing how 10 …
    so amazing how 10 min of listening covers 100 pages of reading.

  15. There are hundreds, …
    There are hundreds, or thousands of mentors out there… don’t be discouraged if you don’t have direct personal access to a mentor. Robert Kiyosaki can be your virtual mentor… just watch, listen, and read things about him. Check out Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield… I could go on and on. And… if you join a network marketing type business, make sure there are others in the company (in addition to your direct sponsor) that can help you learn and grow.

  16. Robert is no …
    Robert is no different from any of you guys, except for the fact that he had a mentor and was willing to listen to someone who was already successful and followed his lead. The key is to find someone you admire that has the success you want and get mentored. Network marketing is not a new concept. Its pretty much about getting discipled by a master and then copying them. Sound familiar?. The biggest network marketer did his thing some 2000 years ago. His product was grace, salvation, & new life.

  17. If you’re not …
    If you’re not earning a six figure residual income after one year (or less) in what you’re doing now… Let me share with you the Business Opportunity that will allow you to do that and more. I have Income Disclosures to prove it and more!

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