I work in SEM advertising and manage PPC accounts for a large company. I was contacted out of the blue by a company asking me to manage their accounts on a freelance base. What do I charge?

Do I charge by hour? By % of budget? Also what is the best way to set up a relationship with the customer, having them pay through paypal or something else? Any help is appreciated.

Basically, most of the SEOs charge on hourly basis apart from daily budget. You should prepare three different options for your clients i.e. Basic, Sliver & Gold. List out all the PPC services and divide them respectively in each package with number of hours. This will help you to look more professional.

Now, prepare campaign according to the client's daily budget. Charge your fees separately on hourly basis and keep on submitting different kind of reports regularly to the client, so that he/she will be satisfied that this person is working well for my website.

Good Luck!