Alot of jobs out there are requiring SEO experts, I am currently doing marketing and web design for a company but want to expand my education.

Face on Fire:

SEO is a broad sector, so you need to clarify more on exactly what you’re looking for. For example, there’s SEO website analysis, SEO content writing and SEO consulting.

In my "biased" opinion, SEO content writing is one of the easiest niches to enter in SEO. When I started doing this type of writing in the fall of 2007, I got so busy that within a couple of months, I had to hire other freelance writers to keep pace. Within a year, I’d established a very profitable SEO Content Writing & Distribution Firm (

My advice — research the field more to find out exactly which position(s) appeal to you. You can start doing this at In the interest of disclosure, it’s one of my niche sites. Simply click on the jobs listed there and read the job descriptions to see what the different positions require. Then you can get a handle on where you might like to go from there.

Good luck!

Yuwanda Black, SEO Content Specialist

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