I’ve patented 2 on my own but ran out of money before marketing and perfecting final design. I don’t want to go through any ‘invention to market’ businesses you here about on radio/tv.

The first question to answer is are you trying to raise money to build a business around your invention(s) or sell/license them? That will make a big difference to potential investors and how much money is appropriate.

Prepare a good overview of your business in a presentation. You might also write a short business plan or executive summary. Then talk with a good business attorney that works with small businesses. If you are looking to start a company, the most important thing is that you have the skills, background and market knowledge to make your business a success and then of course you need to be able to sell yourself and the plan.

For starting a company, the main sources beyond your own resources are either private investors (aka angels) and venture capitalists (VCs).Getting VC financing is very difficult particularly in the current economic environment. They are looking for the combination of a compelling product/technology and the technical and managerial talent to make it a reality. It is often more about the team and your ability to build a business around either a new technology, product(s) or a powerful business model that it is a specific idea.

Its important to understand that investors primarily invest in great management teams and/or exceptional technologists. So, if you don’t have the background, I strongly recommend you get it before pitching your idea. Generally, you need to have either several years of senior corporate experience in the right area for your venture or be a technical expert in the field of your products/business model. If you don’t want to wait until you acquire the knowledge yourself, you need to recruit it into your team.

Good luck.