Hi All
I have asked a similar question for SEO onsite optimisation and would really like to know what offsite seo is all about – From what I gather its just link building but is it any sort.

Hope this makes sense

thanks in advance

Offsite optimisation is about link building also known as backlinks. Its a very important factor to rank your website. With so many websites on the net and only 10 slots on the first page of google and other major search engines your onsite optimisation alone will not get you to the first page.

Your link building like mentioned above will need to be done for your home page and also deeper link – so for example if you sell products then you will want to backlink to the actual product page also – aka deep linking. This will help your product pages come up in the search engines and will also distribute your websites authority.

You will want to create your backlinks as anchor text and use your keywords as the anchor text.

its also about the quality of your backlinks and not just the quantity so your better off getting backlinks from websites which have a high page rank – its also a good idea to get backlinks from relevent sites.

hope this helps