Marketing Social Media and the California Cows-Yada Newsletter Dec 3, 2009

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December 3, 2009 Newsletter

Do you stand out in the crowd?
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December 3, 2009

Standing out in the crowd…

Well, I know I do.  I have pink hair.  Might seem a bit odd for a middle aged woman to have pink hair, but I do.  It’s an interesting thing to stand out.  It also happens to of vital importance.  Think about it–are you more likely to remember a pink haired lady who happens to be smart  or just a smart lady?

Which brings me to another point.  Being better or being smart doesn’t always win the game.  Being noticed does, but it has to be relevant.  If you’re in a crowded market, you need something to stand out but make it relevant.  In the case of what I do, I back it up with relevant information.  back to top

What happens if you don’t know how to run Google Adwords correctly?

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Even large corporations can get it wrong.  Here is a screenshot of my Google maps listing.  Check out the text ad from Target.

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FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials

Changes Affect Testimonial Advertisements, Bloggers, Celebrity Endorsements

Effective December 1st.

The Federal Trade Commission today announced that it has approved final revisions to the guidance it gives to advertisers on how to keep their endorsement and testimonial ads in line with the FTC Act. Link-ftc

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Nigeria’s anti graft police shuts 800 scam websites

nigerian.png Does this mean I’m not getting the million dollars?

Nigerian authorities shut down scammers!  It’s about time

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Please don’t buy this for the Holidays-it’s $95.00 homeless doll.

What’s next?  Crack Ho Barbie and Trailer Park Ken?

American girl has released a homeless homeless.pngdoll–none of the proceeds go to the homeless.  This is not social responsibility in my opinion.   Read More »

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