The Thanksgiving Issue! Gobble Gobble Gobble


Google is punishing websites with sloppy code.  Only kidding–it’s our geeky sense of humor.  We saw this while driving around town.

In This Issue:

Local Search Dominator is making waves!

With Bing gaining more market share, our resident search Guru Steve Blom has passsed the new Microsoft certification.

Inustry News:  Social Media and the Holiday Tips.

adExcellence-mmbr_rgb.pngWe’re pleased to annouce we have passed the Microsoft certification!

Latest News

Local Search Dominator is making waves with many small and medium sized businesses started during our pre launch.

The last webinar was such a hit, that we’re going to do it again next Wednesday, Dec 3, 2009 at 4:00 PM EST.   Register Here

Contact me if you’re interested in being an affilate as this is spreading like wildfire!

Featured Products

As most of you know, we are a Google certified company.  Many of you are afraid to take the plunge so Google has helped to take the sting out of testing out Adwords.  They have given us 10 coupons worth $100.00 for any new Adwords account set up by us.  Shoot me an e-mail to take advantage of this offer.

News FeaturesbingLogo_lg-transparent.png

Bing has been gaining market share but by no means comes close to Google.  They released their new certifcation for professionals a few weeks ago and our resident search guru and rock star Steve passed the exam on the day it was released.  Even thoough they don’t get the same range of traffic as Google, it’s worth checking out.

New Version of Google Search Is Launching Soon

google-caffeine.jpgThey’ve been testing it for months and it starting to roll out.  You can read more about it here.

Social Media News:


Here’s the latestest video from Socialnomics author, Erik Qualman.  Here he makes the case for social media marketing.  Did you know that the only US car manufacturer that didn’t take a loan from the government  used social media marketing?  You can also see the podcast I did with the author here.

Laura has been invited to write for Technorati and BlogCritics.  Stay tuned for links to her articles and reviews!

8 Ways to save money and enjoy the holidays!

1.  There’s nothing like a personal touch when it comes to gifts.  With the current economic climate, making a gift shows you care but also is kind on the pocketbook.

2.  Ebay–Ebay is still a good option to get the exact item you want, but want to get a “deal.”  Make sure the person you’re purchasing from has a good rating.  It’s your best defense for not buying from the wrong person.

3.  Google Product Search.  Find exactly what you’re looking for using this new Google service.

4.  Search Google for coupon codes before purchasing.  You’d be surprised on how many times you can save up to 20% by using these codes.

5. Gift Cards on Carigslist. I had a friend who suggested at dinner last night going on Craigs List and finding discounted gift cards. Her son was able to purchase a $500.00 Walmart gift card for $250.00.  I thought it was a good idea and am passing it on.

6.  Amazon–Prices are great, selection is amazing and they’ll wrap the gifts.  Talk about a time saver.  By the way, I want a Kindle..hint..hint..

7. Have people over rather than go out.  I have a client that has amazing paper goods (that look real) for holiday use that will look great and save time.  Check them out here.

8. Remember the spirit of the time.  It’s a time to enjoy and embrace friends and family.  Don’t lose sight of that!  Making someone laugh and smile costs nothing.

Client Testimonials

Laura Betterly and Yada Yada Marketing are an upcoming and energetic force in the online scene and I am happy to have them on my team. They are fresh, innovative and up on the newest trends and developments in internet marketing. I highly recommend adding the Yada Yada touch!  DS

I would highly recommend Yada Yada and suggest that they are among the top 1% of Internet Advertising Specialists in the world, of not the best.  They are certainly the best I know and I would refer any client to them for assistance.  I know I can always count on them to provide accurate and usable information to help me with my business, and have observed the same with every client of theirs I have spoken with. GK

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