You’ve clearly made an educated decision in choosing the Firefox browser, so why not make further decisions about how it looks? As you may know, Firefox can give you a totally personalized browser experience, with plenty of options to customize its look and feel.

We’ve trawled the plethora of available add-ons, themes, and features to bring you ten great options to beautify your Mozilla-made browser — from super skins, to improved tabs, to better buttons. There are even a few kittens along the way.

Check out the options we’ve highlighted below and let us know in the comments any add-ons you currently use to make your browsing experience a bit more beautiful. After all, when it’s this easy, why settle for default?

1. Firefox Personas

Taking advantage of Firefox’s “Personas” feature is a really quick and easy way to spice up the basic look of your browser with skins that decorate the browser bar. Install the plug-in and you can chose from 35,000+ Personas that can be changed on a daily basis, or even just to suit your mood, with a super-simple click-through-and-choose process.

With so many options available, you can imagine there really is something for everyone as far as the skin designs go. They range from art, scenery, brands, and games to TV- and celeb-themed choices.

Cost: Free

2. ChromaTabs Plus

For those that think it’s the little things that add-up to make up the bigger picture, ChromaTabs offers one simple tool that will make your browser more colorful. This add-on makes the usually gray browser tabs colorful with a rainbow of shades by tinting each tab a different color depending on the website loaded. The coloring-in works automatically depending on the color of the site’s favicon, but if you’ve got the time, tabs can be assigned site-specific colors.

Cost: Free

3. Walnut for Firefox

Ideal for fans of retro style and reminiscent of your classic wood veneer, Walnut for Firefox gives your browser a wooden look and feel. Walnut is a complete skin redesign, which means that all windows, widgets, panels, and even other add-ons get the tree-themed look, kindly offering a more natural feel to your browsing experience.

Cost: Suggested donation of $4.99

4. about:kittens

If you think the presence of a cat is always going to improve matters, then about:kittens is the add-on for you. It somewhat randomly sticks a kitty in the “Help > About” box, chosen from the vast selection on No more boring “about box” logo pics to snoozify your browsing experience, as with this add-on, every about window will offer an adorable little kitty.

Cost: Free

5. Browser Backgrounds

As opposed to just spicing up the browser bar with imagery, this add-on lets you add an image to your browser background in the same way you can with your desktop background. You can choose from a vast selection of images offered within the add-on, or can pick to display your own photo, offering an even more personalized option.

Cost: Donation requested

6. PinkTheme

For just about the girliest browsing experience you could wish for, the PinkTheme add-on really does pink your browsing experience to the max. Look no further if you’re aiming to rouge-tint the online world, as well as see the Firefox user interface elements pinkified. There’s also extra pink modules, such as the pink search and the pink home. It’s basically all very pink indeed.

Cost: Suggested donation of $1.01

7. Canvas

We find it hard to believe you can’t find at least one of the over 35,000 browser skin Personas to like. But if you are all about personalization, then Canvas can help you out by letting you select any one of your own photographs as a background for your browser bar. You can add any photo from your PC, or any image from the web, giving you the option to have a familiar face greet you every time you go online.

Cost: Suggested donation of $2.99

8. Aero Big

If you don’t want to skin your browser but you’re seeking a fresh new look to brighten it up, Aero Big offers some funky, chunky buttons that will liven up Firefox with some fresh graphics for your browser bar. As well as super-sizing and coloring in the icons for all of the browser’s toolbar and context menu items, there are also icons for a number of extensions you might use.

Cost: Free

9. iPhox

If you are iPhone-mad, then iPhox (“if Firefox and the iPhone had a kid together, this is what he would look like”) will iPhonify your browser so you can enjoy the Apple mobile look and feel while you’re at your desktop. The dev promises “the same familiar icons, toolbars, and menus of the iPhone, only instead of being on an amazing little handheld device, it can now be on your favorite browser.”

Cost: Free

10. NASA Night Launch

Looking a little like Darkle, this night-themed add-on is perfect for anyone looking to go to the dark side as far as browsing goes, with its NASA tie-in adding a little space ship chic. Said to have been inspired by the night launch of STS-116, the add-on can be installed as a simple dark theme with a dark toolbar, or after a few extra steps, with a choice of cool NASA toolbar images.

Cost: Suggested donation of $5

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