We don’t usually report on sex tapes over here at Mashable — standards, people — but when we heard that “Weird Al” Yankovic launched his own on his YouTube channel this past Monday, we took notice. Luckily, the vid is completely safe for work — unless you work in a bubble wrap factory.

Yesterday this not-so-salacious vid — which features a fully clothed Yankovic lovingly playing with bubble wrap — only had around 300 views. Today it has more than 50,000. Why the rapid rise in interest? Here’s the basic progression:

“Wha?” begets Morbid interest begets “WTF?” begets Nervous, uncomfortable laughter begets Share

The comedian sets up the joke in the video’s description, which reads:

“‘Weird Al’ Yankovic caught in the act. Extremely graphic. You must be over 18 years old to view this footage.”

All in all, the video is far from lewd — disturbing is another story — but its shear viral nature really says something about our culture, which is obsessed with the latest celebrity indiscretion (I mean, Dustin Diamond has a sex tape, a “Weird Al” fleshfest ain’t that far-fetched).

Take a look if you have a second, although I far prefer “Amish Paradise“:

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