Ever since Google announced that it intends to build an ultra-high speed fiber optic network capable of delivering web content at 100x the speeds of typical U.S. connections, city after city has made a pitch to become ground zero for Google’s experimental network. Ann Arbor (Michigan), Palm Bay (Florida), Chapel Hill (North Carolina), and Seattle (Washington) are just some of the cities with interest.

However, almost all the buzz in the Google fiber optic network race has gone to Topeka, Kansas — or should we say Google, Kansas? The city temporarily changed its name to “Google, Kansas — the capital city of fiber optics” in a strong bid to bring high speed Internet to its 122,642 citizens.

Some aren’t taking the antics of Google, Kansas lying down, though. The city of Duluth, Minnesota has upped the ante with a parody YouTube video response to its Kansas rival. No, Duluth is not changing its name. Instead, the city is decreeing that the name of every first born male in Duluth shall be “Google Fiber” and the name of every first born female shall be “Googlette Fiber.”

While just a parody video (we really, really hope citizens of Duluth don’t name their kids “Google”), it will definitely help Duluth steal some of the attention that Topeka has grabbed. It will also draw eyeballs to Duluth’s Google Twin Ports campaign website, where citizens can register their support for Google-powered Internet in Duluth.

In the end though, Google will likely make its decision based on more practical matters, such as infrastructure and monetary concerns. Here’s the video for your enjoyment:

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