Simple blogging platform Tumblr has finally added the ability to add static pages to your Tumblelog.

Tumblr has grown a great deal without this feature — it’s simplicity has always been its selling point. However, many companies need static pages — it’s often the best way to provide contact info, company data, and more to provide customers with the information they need. Regular users can use them to describe who they are or what they are working on.

Now tumblrs have the option to build pages. While simple overall (it’s just like building a blog post), you do get three choices for layouts: standard (title and body with your tumblelogs’s layout), custom (create a page with a completely custom theme), and redirect (forward a page to another domain).

The new pages feature seems to keep Tumblr’s simplicity in-tact while providing a very necessary feature to many bloggers. From the looks of commenters though, the feature still has a few bugs. So Tumblr users, let us know what you think of the addition in the comments!

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