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We wrote repeatedly about Apple’s odd and often unfair application approval process. Instead of fixing it, Apple is just getting weirder and weirder about what apps are allowed in the store. The latest example is the sudden disappearance of several Wi-Fi stumbler applications from the app store.

Cult of Mac noticed that Apple has removed apps such as WiFi-Where, WiFiFoFum and yFy Network Finder. These apps scan Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity, which is not very different from simply going to the Wi-Fi Networks menu on your iPhone.

However, according to a post on WiFi-Where creator’s website, the app was removed from the App Store for “using private frameworks to access wireless information.”

The odd thing about this is the fact that some of these apps have been available in the App Store for years. Removing them now will make iPhone app developers even more uncertain about the future of their apps, as it seems they can be arbitrarily removed at any time, for vague reasons.

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