Remember the Stanford iPhone Orchestra and their kick-ass musical stylings? Well, there’s a new smartphone virtuoso on the scene by the name of PixieTea who could become more synonymous with the word “telephone” than Lady Gaga herself. The Chinese artist created a video and song — mostly on an iPhone 3GS — that has been going viral over in China.

PixieTea’s video has become a hit on Youku (basically the Chinese YouTube), racking up 1,670,109 hits and counting since it was posted back in December. Gizmodo brought the vid to the attention of the U.S. today when it shared it on its site.

According to Gizmodo, the girl made use of apps like DrumMeister, Bassist, iDrum, NlogSynthesizer, NESynth and iShred, as well as a laptop, a camera and photography software. And let’s not forgot those sweet pants, which recall the ones rocked by fellow foreign viral legends, the Norwegian curling team.

Check out the video below, which puts all those tape deck recordings of “Like a Virgin” that my sister and I made when I was six to utter shame.

Oh, and bonus points to anyone who can translate the lyrics for us so that we can sing along.

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