Random video chat site Chatroulette is a pop culture smash right now, and while it’s easy to assume its days are numbered, it’s a lot of fun to immerse yourself in the little subculture building around it. Despite the increasing negative press, there’s almost as much heart on the service as there is genitalia. Well, maybe not quite. But there’s some heart, really!

These videos are proof. We picked four that incorporate footage from Chatroulette, and two bonus videos that are about the site. In all cases but one, we tried to pick videos that were good-spirited and fun, not malicious or twisted — not an easy task, actually, since most of the Chatroulette videos on YouTube are a little messed up.

Enjoy this collection, and if you have any to add, tell us in the comments!

1. “Dance or GTFO”

This is the simplest of the videos. There’s no gimmick here. The author of the video placed in front of the camera a piece of paper with a drawing of the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dancing banana that went viral ages ago, and a note suggesting that the person on the other end dance or move on. The people in this feel-good montage danced.

2. “If You Turn Your Head, I Win”

Here’s another one involving a written note. This guy wrote “If you turn your head, I win” sideways and kept a tally, among other things. He got lots of smiles and thumbs up. It seems like people actually log onto Chatroulette to be pranked a bit, so they don’t mind!

3. Auto-Tune the Chatroulette

When you mix together two of the hottest YouTube culture trends, you get our favorite video on this list — an (allegedly) improvised song using the same sort of tech they make Auto-Tune the News with. The author of the video “sings” jokes about the people he talks to as he moves from connection to connection.

We were pleased to hear that it wasn’t all insult comedy; too many Chatroulette videos out there are malicious, but this one’s a delight.

Oh, and the author is wearing an “I’m On a Boat” t-shirt, which alludes to the comedy sketch that features T-Pain, who’s partially responsible for all this Auto-Tune madness.

4. Star Wars Stormtrooper

The geek behind this video sent out an image of a Star Wars storm trooper and used a collection of storm trooper sound effects (including the infamous Imperial March) to entertain folks on Chatroulette. Every reaction you see in this video is a positive one. He even runs into another person wearing a Star Wars mask.

Be warned, though, that this video has some explicit language.

BONUS: Chatroulette Explained

We covered this a few days ago, but in case you missed it, the author of this video tried a few things to explain the phenomenon of Chatroulette and how it works.

A little sample: When he logged on, he was “nexted” within just a few seconds 19 out of 20 times. When an attractive girl sat in front of the camera instead, 9 out of 10 people stayed to talk to her for at least a couple of minutes, or until she nexted them.

BONUS #2: Jon Stewart Surfs Chatroulette on The Daily Show

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