PPC Domination Review I was privelaged enough to be one of the 300 to purchase the pre-launch version of PPC Domination by Magnetic Sponsoring. It is a course specifically written for Network Marketers looking to delve into using PPC marketing.

PPC Domination was written and features Magnetic Sponsorings biggest affiliate, Jim Yaghi. He in fact personally runs the Magnetic Sponsoring PPC campaigns.

PPC Domination was the first Network Marketing specific pay-per-click training program offered out there and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Why? Each advertising “niche” online has its own nuances and Internet MLM is no different. The chance to learn from Jim Yaghi, Magnetic Sponsoring’s top affiliate, is priceless. He generates around 150 leads per day advertising on Google Adwords alone. Learning the tools and thought processes of generating …

Duration : 2 min 32 sec

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