is the most valuable domain name in the world (for obvious reasons). Right now it’s up for sale, and two of the prospective buyers might surprise you: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and a California meat company called BullWhip.

PETA published a letter requesting that’s owners donate the domain name (valued at $18 million) so the organization can use it as a tool in its recent “vegetarians are sexy” ad campaign. PETA described a website where visitors could watch sexy ads, vote on the sexiest vegatarians (they include the above-pictured Alicia Silverstone as well as Pamela Anderson), and find out which veggies are aphrodesiacs.

In response, a BullWhip executive named Dick James sent out a press release praising meat-based diets and describing his plans for His lack of seriousness became clear when he got into that second point. He said, “Our plans are to have celebrities such as Angelina Jolie eating a hot dog or Eliza Dushku with two big slabs of Angus steak on her breasts. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have also been contacted to fight in a tub of hamburger.”

Clearly he’s just mocking PETA, so comical as all this is, it’s just a PR stunt on the parts of both companies. PETA knows the owners of are unlikely to donate the domain, and BullWhip is unlikely to make a serious offer. It’s as entertaining a PR fight as you’ll see, though.

We’ll leave you with the rejected, sexy PETA Super Bowl ad. It’s probably not quite safe-for-work.

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