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Drooling over tablets, but worried about lack of Flash support on the iPad? Sit tight, because a slew of tablets running Android will be emerging shortly with full Flash support, thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra platform team’s work with Adobe.

As we’ve said before, the age of the tablet is really just getting started (…again). Apple was the first manufacturer to make a big splash with the iPad, but even back in January there were already a number of other tablets starting to emerge — and now analysts estimate at least 50 tablet devices will make it to market before the year’s end. A good number of those may end up having both Android and NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 platform under the hood, and those devices will come with Flash playback.

We had a chance to sit down with Bill Henry, director of Tegra product management at NVIDIA, earlier today at CTIA to get a live demo of a few working tablet prototypes running Android and powered by the Tegra chip. Check out the video demos below to get a look at the browser in action, an Android version of Wired’s app we’ve seen previously for the iPad, a couple of game demos and some background on how the Tegra 2 platform allows for video-intensive Flash playback without crippling your battery life.

NVIDIA Tegra Android Tablet Browser Demo

Wired App and Fickleblox Demo

Game Demo: Backbreaker

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