We already know that we’ll be able to use iPhone applications on the iPad, scaled to iPad’s bigger screen size. But what native iPad apps has Apple approved so far? PadGadget has done some digging through iTunes’ web interface and found out several titles with “HD” in their title, which (in most cases) signifies an iPad version of the application.

The apps found are, for the most part, remakes of popular iPhone games or entirely new games. Here are some of the titles: Plants vs. Zombies HD, Worms HD, Ammoin HD, Flight Control HD, Grind HD, Azkend HD, HD Recovery, Labyrinth 2 HD, NBA Hotshot HD, NBA Spin, Numba HD, Sinterra HD, Sparkle HD, Zen Bound 2.

These apps were impossible to install, returning only an error message. Furthermore, they were quickly removed from the iTunes web interface, which further confirms suspicion that these are, indeed, pre-approved iPad apps.

The fact that most of these are (or sound like) games could be a coincidence, but it could also mean that Apple expects gaming to be one of the most important aspects of iPad use, and they plan to come out with a strong offering at launch.

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