Although Adobe Flash is already installed on virtually every computer, Google has announced that all downloads of its Chrome web browser will now include the plug-in.

Rumored since Monday, Google’s blog post on the partnership adds a few details about what we can expect from the integration. One of the key benefits to Chrome users will be that they receive automatic updates of new versions of Flash without a separate download.

Google goes on to say that “improving the traditional browser plug-in model will make it possible for plug-ins to be just as fast, stable, and secure as the browser’s HTML and JavaScript engines.” As we noted yesterday, that’s a different stance than Apple, who continues to leave Flash out of its plans, specifically for iPhone and iPad.

With Chrome continuing to add market share — at the expense of everyone else — it’s a big symbolic win for Adobe, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean a ton of more users (though, it does mean the company will be able to push its upgrades to millions of users in real-time).

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