Last week we learned that Bing was to add Foursquare data to Bing Maps. Today the company is rolling out those Foursquare features to a subset of users in a new addition to its Maps Apps section.

Those with access to the Foursquare integration can now see nearby checkins and tips on a Bing Map, with the full real-time stream of Foursquare data — mayorships and badges included — flowing in on the left-hand side of the map.

The Foursquare experience can we tweaked to filter for checkins, friend activity or venue search results. The Foursquare Bing Maps app also allows users to login to their Foursquare accounts for more contextual details.

We presume the majority of users will find the new layar of Foursquare data helpful in their plans to place their friends whereabouts or discover new tips at nearby locales. If curiosity and amusement trump utility, however, the Bing blog writes that users can tick a box, “to ‘auto-center the map on new updates’ and watch the map fly around the world as people check in everywhere!”

Do you have access to the Bing Maps Foursquare app? Let us know what you think of this addition to the Bing Maps experience in the comments.

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