Yes, it’s that time once again, folks — time for the Weekly Poll!

So… Have you heard about this thing called the iPad? I think it’s coming out… tomorrow? Yeah, with Steve Jobs’s shiny baby popping up all over TV, pre-orders rolling in and folks already in line to snag one (even if they are professional line-sitters), you’d have to be living under a boulder not know that Apple Stores are not going to be pretty places tomorrow.

Regardless, we’ve been getting wind of all sorts of exciting apps all day long, which leads us to wonder, which are you most excited about snapping up?

Before you whip out the plastic, let us know in the comments! Check out some of the Mashable staff answers below.

Mashable Answers

Pete Cashmore: Waiting to see what Google releases — native Gmail and Google Reader would be awesome.

Sharon Feder: Though I won’t be purchasing it, I may have to “borrow” the Mashable NYC iPad to check out Netflix (and oh so many other apps!).

Adam Ostrow: WordPress, TweetDeck and all the Google services. I want to see if this thing is capable of replacing my laptop for work.

Josh Catone: MLB At Bat (Christina was right).

Ben Parr: I’m really excited about: Brushes, TweetDeck, Ustream, Netflix…oh who the hell am I kidding, I’m probably going to spend $50-100 on apps alone tomorrow.

Barbara Dybwad: Netflix, Tweetdeck, Pandora, Magic Piano, Plants vs. Zombies. braaaaaiiiiinnnnnsssssssss!!

Brett Petersel: NetFlix!

Adam Hirsch: Native Google Reader, Netflix and Hulu

Frederick Townes: I’m with Adam/Pete on that… + Tweetdeck.

Jennifer Van Grove: Pandora, Loopt Pulse, Tap Tap Radiation, Keynote and all the HTML5-friendly video sites.

Christina Warren: Twitterrific and Netflix!

Jolie O’Dell: If I were excited about iPad, I would be excited about Gmail and music-related games like Smule’s or anything that comes from the makers of Rock Band/Guitar Hero/DJ Monster/Whatever the Next Big Music Game Is. But I’m not excited about iPad. I’m an iGrinch.

Tamar Weinberg: I’m with Jolie

Brenna Ehrlich: Pandora — so that I could carry my (nonexistent) iPad around like a really rad, modern boombox.

Lauren Indvik: iBookstore and Epicurious (really the perfect recipe book).

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