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Disclaimer: I wrote and published this post, in its entirety, from my iPad.

Apple’s “magical and revolutionary device” is supposed to be the ultimate content consumption tool. You can play music, watch movies, and surf the web, all from a device that is meant to be smaller, more focused, and more elegant than a netbook or even a laptop.

For content creators though, there has been a strong amount of skepticism. Without the mouse and keyboard interface, how fast can you really type emails, photoshop pictures, and build code with just a touchscreen?

These are questions that will be answered over the next few weeks as content creators push the iPad to its limits. In the meantime though, I’ve decided to run an initial test by writing an entire blog post from scratch, using the WordPress iPad app to fill the webpage you are reading now with elegant text.

Here are some of my raw observations:

The act of typing itself is not too bad at all, especially if you do it in landscape mode. I was able to type pretty quickly with most of my fingers. Most mistakes were autocorrected. I am pleasantly surprised by the results.

With that said, girls with longer fingernails will get annoyed with keys that don’t press when they want them to.

I will just come out and say it: typing with HTML is a pain in the ass. I got better with it over the course of this post, but I hope I don’t build many lists on the iPad.

Copy and Paste didn’t function properly for me. I don’t know if that is me being an idiot or the interface, but I wanted to bring it up.

I can see images being a pain. If you have photos or screenshots on the iPad, it’s real easy to add them via WordPress. If you want a specific image size (like the ones you see on the top of most Mashable posts), then it’s more difficult. I bet there will be great image editing apps very soon to fix this issue, though.

I am far less inclined to add links in posts because it’s such a pain to retrieve them and copy them into WordPress. A feature to easily link to other pages on your blog would make sense, along with a way to quickly browse the web from the WordPress app.

Overall, you can type rather fast on Apple’s tablet, although I will use the iPad to edit rather than write posts. It is no replacement for my laptop, but if you want to get up a quick post on-the-go, the iPad does a decent job.

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