Not only is it kid friendly, but the iPad is also apparently TSA friendly as well.

Unlike your laptop, which the Transportation Security Administration requests you take out and place in a separate bin during airport security screening, Apple’s new tablet is apparently deemed small and thin enough to not warrant a separate check. In a statement issued by the agency, they relayed that you won’t need to remove your iPad from your bag unless specifically requested to do so.

Beyond its comparatively smaller size, the TSA said the iPad is less likely to be accompanied by a range of accessories and external drives that can obscure a clear image via the X-ray scanner. A range of “checkpoint friendly” laptop cases play on this point by isolating the computer itself — but as with the iPad, even though you may be safe for the most part you should be ready to remove any particular item the TSA requests.

The news is certainly another boon for Apple, who could now legitimately tout the iPad as a more travel-friendly device. Do you think the tablet deserves its special TSA friendly status?

[via Ars Technica]

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