YouTube is truly a magical place, replete with singing children, dancing animals and — in short — some of the most random schtuff on the web. Every day, we wade through this digital jungle to find you the best viral vids, but sometimes there’s just too much good stuff to post.

So, in an effort to break up your grueling Friday work day, we bring you a roundup of our favorite YouTube videos this week. Pay it forward and share your faves in the comments!

Rope Tow Mishap

Jennifer Van Grove: The poor guy in this video has no idea how to ride a rope tow ski lift (You’re supposed to hold it, not sit on it!). What ensues is so hilarious that I literally spit out water the first time I watched it (and I’ve watched it a dozen times since).

Standing Cat

Jolie O’Dell: In a supreme moment of Darwinist triumph, Keyboard Cat developed opposable thumbs in roughly the same era as Standing Cat hurled felinity into its inevitable, bipedal future.

“Bad Romance” Banana Cover

Barb Dybwad: The boy is enough to make this one, but it’s the no-pants parent cameos that truly make it shine.

The Fully Sick Rapper’s New Jam

Brenna Ehrlich: Christiaan Van Vuuren (a.k.a. The Fully Sick Rapper) is still is quarantine, but at least he made this awesome video (with the help of his more technologically skilled bro) to pass the time. I personally enjoy the Johnny Depp/Hunter S. Thompson references.

The Axolotl Song

Matt Silverman: If you love metamorphosing amphibians and Andrew Lloyd Webber-esque tunes (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), donate two minutes of your time to this musical tale of transformation and regret.

Arnold Palmer Putt

Adam Ostrow: I’m a huge golf nerd, so seeing the legendary Arnold Palmer (who I met as a kid and was amazingly gracious) make a monstrous putt during the Par 3 challenge at The Masters was pretty cool.

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