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For brands, developers and curious users, PeopleBrowsr is rolling out an interesting new tool. helps people and companies “visualize, study and measure” Twitter conversations happening all over the web through general and custom reports and graphs.

Topics and trends are stored and indexed, so researchers (be they corporate or otherwise) can get data on conversations with some historical context, as well as real-time stats.

The user interface is simple and friendly, with a robust custom dashboard for subscribers. Subscriptions for premium features start at $20 per month.

This is one of the most full-featured app we’ve seen for analyzing Twitter data. It combines a lot of functionality from a wide range of tools in a single dashboard that’s ideal for the Twitter-focused brand. Users of this app can easily see and parse data on what Twitter users are saying about events, brands, and keywords, as well as get global buzz and sentiment info. Brands can even find their most influential followers.

There’s a set of developer tools, as well. allows developers to “push and pull data that fits existing applications or potentially feeds new products and services,” according to a release from PeopleBrowsr. With extended search, devs can get up to 360 days’ worth of data and the metadata that makes those tweets so valuable and interesting. The API can also be used to query the most popular keywords among a group of followers.

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