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Name: Noteable

Quick Pitch: Notable makes it extremely easy for teams and individuals to provide effective feedback on websites.

Genius Idea: Notable is a web app that makes it super simple to create annotations and provide feedback on websites and screenshots so that you can provide feedback or communicate desired changes. You can even access and make notations on a website’s HTML and CSS and check out the key SEO terms for easy annotation.

Created by ZURB, Notable is a really great tool for teams or designers who need an easy, fast, effective way to create annotations and give feedback. After you sign-up for an account, you can use either the browser bookmarklet or a Firefox 3 plugin to capture web addresses or upload screenshots. Then, from your browser, you can add in annotations and comments on a site’s visual look. You can also make comments on the code of the site and even the SEO details.

After you’re done making your notes, you can share your note with the people that you choose and keep the URL public or private. Other team members can make comments, upload new images or capture new iterations of the site and continue the discussion process. Check out this video:

View this feedback (Notable Test) on Notable

Because Notable is web based, you can make and view changes and notes from anywhere. There’s even a free iPhone app for capturing screenshots or images from your iPhone.

As much as I love my annotation tools like LittleSnapper and OmniGraffle, those tools really aren’t made for collaborating with others. Notable is.

Notable has a number of different plans, starting with a free plan for 3 users. Notable is nominated for a Webby Award in the Web Services & Applications category.

If you ever need to collaborate on design changes with others, check out Notable.

How do you create annotations or notes for websites or other digital content? Let us know!

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