Remember Kip Drordy — the sad, sad little boy from last week’s episode of South Park, “You Have 0 Friends”? Well, screw friends — a Facebook Fan page set up to look like Drordy’s profile has attracted more than 100,000 fans.

“You Have 0 Friends” got scads of media attention last week, as the South Park kids took Facebook to task over social media obsession and the troubles that it can breed. Drordy served as the episode’s sad catalyst: a boring, friendless boy whose status updates are basically akin to the most mundane of ruminations: “There was a bee in my room.”

The page is replete with fan photos and comments, all showing support and devotion to the previously bereft fictional boy. (If you become his fan, a person named “Kipling Drordy” friends you on the social networking site — the person in question is not affiliated with South Park, he’s “a guy from North Carolina… [who is] just having some fun with this and trying to make some people smile,” or so he told us via FB message.)

This little cartoon dude is basically the new Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s Pants. Enjoy it while it lasts, bro. One is indeed living the sweet life when a status update reading, “Drank a glass of water” yields more than 4,000 “likes.”

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